Dave Ayres - Photographer and blogger of irrelevant thought.
<Driver/Caption>. Bonneville Speedweek 2009.

I been an active photographer for around 20 years supplying motorsport teams, drivers and corporate clients with a wide range of print and digital images for everything from wall posters to the annual corporate report.

My objective has always been to deliver something that isn't currently available. It may be the format or style of the image, or perhaps it is the ease of distribution. Always striving to bring something extra is what, I hope, sets me apart from my photographic colleagues.

The online motorsport image gallery contains over 20,000 images organised by year and event should you wish to browse or there is a search function to help you track down a specific image

In August 2016 I began “a year off” to complete some personal projects including rekindling my love affair with motorcycling. My exploits are covered in the blog pages. My “year off” still involves me working. Coverage of the 2017 Isle of Man TT Races for TT Kiwis in the planning stages alongside support for corporate clients and some of the motorsport competitors that have been kind enough to ask me to make myself available.  

The name Picturesports came from needing a domain name for the web site. Twenty something years later, it has just stuck.

Picturesports - Photography by Dave Ayres.