MotoGP | Four way fight for the win as the championship race tightens

October 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Marc Marquez. Photo: MotoGP

If you haven’t seen the MotoGP race from Phillip Island, then stop reading this and go and find it online. Four riders battling for the lead, so close the TV coverage could get them all in to one shot.

Valentino Rossi had the race craft and never let the third row start bother him. Finishing forth he keeps a healthy if reduced championship lead.

Andrea Innone’s Ducati was the fastest on raw power. It wasn’t to slow around the corners either and gave him the opportunity to pull off one of the more dramatic passes of the day, taking Marquez and Rossi in one corner. Third at the flag.

Jorge Lorenzo was up for the fight and ran in both metronome and attack modes. Out in front on the last lap, with a gap from the fighting trio behind him, he was denied the win due to a jaw dropping final lap from Marc Marquez.

Running second at the start of the last lap and defending from Innone’s fast Ducati in to turn one, Marquez put the lack of front tyre grip to the back of his mind and decided to see just how well the Bridgestone tyre would stick to the tarmac if he pushed. The result was catching and passing Lorenzo for the win and in doing so setting the fastest lap of the race.

With two rounds to go and 11 points between them, it is Rossi or Lorenzo for the title. Traditionally the next race at the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia plays to Rossi’s strengths, yet who would bet against Lorenzo at Valencia for the final win. Thrilling stuff.


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