Legends Racing : Donington Race Two – One to remember.

July 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment
In racing red flags are not a welcome sight. Typically it means that there has been an incident and at the very least someone is looking at a lot of work before their car or bike are ready to race again.

Just occasionally though a red flag can bring out the best racing. Such was the case for race two of the Legends this weekend at Donington Park.

A three way tussle on the opening lap going through Schwantz Curve brought out the red flags. Everyone walked away and even in to the medical centre. Wallets it seems were the only thing bruised.

Having already endured three restarts for the opening truck race, the Legends race was reduced to six laps and with that the lights went green and the adrenalin rush started.

Considering that close, fast and exciting racing is the default setting for the Yamaha powered Legends, producing one of “those” races, the ones people talk about three days later, is a tough ask. The sort of race where they are four wide going in to the Craner Curves and four abreast along the national straight, coupled with drivers dropping in the line astern to slip stream the car at the front of their pack. Not just once or on the last lap , but every lap of the race. The sort of race where no one wants to lead going in to the last lap – because of the draft – yet still going as hard as they can so as not to hand even the slightest advantage to their rivals.

The Legends unique qualifying process does help produce dramatic racing. Rather than putting the fastest cars at the front of the grid, Legends use a ballot draw – each driver pulls a ball from a bag – the number and colour of the ball determines where on the grid they start in their first race. These positions are then reversed for the second race, so should you draw the inside of row one for your first race you’ll be on the outside of the back row for your second race. Couple that with sealed engines and a well known chassis and what you get is quite remarkable racing.

The Legend series will be at Silverstone over the 8th & 9th of August weekend. Get yourself a ticket.


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