MotorSportMedia: Reading between the lines or just paranoid ??

July 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Reading through the motor sport magazines and web sites this morning, I came across a number of different articles that all seem linked. Or perhaps I’m just a conspiracy theorist …

  • Renault are potentially in line for an F1 bonus incentive, if they join F1 as a work team again.
  • The FIA super license points awarded for winning the yet to be run FIA F2 series are higher than any of the other “feeder” series.
  • Renault are dropping their partnership with World Series next year.
  • GP2 organisers have indicated they would be interested in bidding to run FIA F2.
  • GP2/GP3 are running with FIAWEC in Bahrain, replacing the missing German GP round.

Mixing all of that together and do I get: ??

  • Renault Powered F2 run at Grand Prix weekends – where the pace of the car could be dictated
  • GP2/GP3 as is on the FIAWEC race card – putting those pesky fast GP2 cars out of sight
  • Renault buying one of the Red Bull teams and rebranding it Renault thereby getting a substantial amount of funding to pay for F2

And in the slightly paranoid column, I might add Renault 2.0 becoming the new FIA F3 giving you a Grand Prix weekend of Formulas 1, 2 and 3.

Best get back to work …



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