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Fun Cup - Siz Wide in to  RedgateFun Cup - Siz Wide in to RedgateFun Cup - Six wide in the Redgate at Donington Park. Saturday 22nd August 2015. Photo: Dave Ayres - Picturesports I have a liking for one make series. There is something about taking a group of like-minded individuals, putting them in equal machinery and sending them racing. It goes beyond the close racing that the one make series often produce. There is a desire to race hard that retains a strong element of camaraderie  – otherwise known as “having fun”.

Perhaps it is the knowledge that whereas they are talented fast drivers, an F1 drive is unlikely. Or perhaps it is just that they are all participating for the simple joy of racing that keeps the on track action close, clean and competitive.

There will be moments I’m sure. A small error of judgement leading to a unwanted outcome for the innocent party. Go six wide in to a corner on the opening lap enough times and an unplanned manoeuvre has to occur eventually.

This past weekend at Donnington certain proved that if you like your racing close and your overtakes on track rather than planned for a pit stop sometime in the future, then a one make racing series is something you should start add to your to do list.

Where else are you likely to watch a race, where the battle of the win is decided by 0.085 of a second and that is after two rounds of pit stops and an hour of hard racing. Extend the race distance to four hours – as they did for race two – and the gap at the finish line expanded to a “massive” 3.5 seconds.

Perhaps at this point you are considering that to get such close finishes, the racing must be processional and it is impossible to pass? Errr…No.

There are so many contenders for “pass of the day” that it is almost impossible to single one out. If pushed however I’d opt for the three car train coming on to the start finish straight, all tucked in tight to maximise the slip stream. The leader believes he has done enough and pulls track left for the best line in to Redgate. The car two sees an opportunity and takes the middle line in to the corner, going as deep on the brakes as possible to slip up the inside. At this point, the first two cars find car three on their collective inside, twitching under even harder braking and on a tighter line to the apex.  Car three, first to the apex and still needing to scrub speed to avoid a trip in to the kitty litter, completes the block pass and escapes off to the Craner Curves with the other two in in very close company. All of this without any locked tyres, swapping of paint or dents in the wallet. If only I’d remembered to note down their race numbers …. !

#251 Sheradize UK - Peter Belshaw / Marcus Clutton#251 Sheradize UK - Peter Belshaw / Marcus Clutton#251 Sheradize UK - Peter Belshaw / Marcus Clutton competing in round 4 & 5 of the FunCup Championship held at Donington Park Circuit England. Saturday 22nd August 2015. Photo: Dave Ayres - Picturesports The Fun Cup Championship is based around a single seat space frame chassis powered by a VW/Audi 1800cc engine coupled to a Sadev sequential gearbox. The car is then encased in the silhouette VW Beetle body shell which certainly makes for an interesting grid when what will appear to be thirty or more V’Dubs line up for the start.

Originally conceived in Belgium as a logical next step after endurance karting, the series now runs in Belgium and the UK as well as France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Along with the national championships there is an annual 25 hour race held at Spa-Francorchamps.

The next round in the UK is a hour race at Anglesey on the 26th September with the final round of the 2015 season at Oulton Park in October. More details are available from the Fun Cup web site.


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