Rossi hands out a Master Class in Wet Weather Riding

August 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Rossi leads Marques at Silverstone. Photo: MotoGP

The all Italian MotoGP podium at Silverstone of Rossi, Petrucci and Doviziovo underlines how rain levels the field. Gone are tyre, handling and power advantages to be replaced by an affinity with the motorcycle that is almost impossible to comprehend. The ability not to salvage an impossible situation but the ability to take the bike to the very edge of disaster and yet never stray over that line. If anyone ever wondered why they call Rossi “The GOAT” (Greatest of All Time) simply take a look at Sunday’s Silverstone MotoGP race.

Marc Marquez pole lap on Saturday was something to behold. When even Jorge Lorenzo walks up to you and says that your lap was something special , there is little more to be said. Yet come race day and the rain, Rossi coming off the second row of the grid handed out a master class in motorcycle racing. Such was Rossi’s skill in the rain that there is little to speak about. A few early passes, typically up the inside on what would be the traditional dry line, typically covered in rubber and offering less grip, were the exciting parts of his race. Once Rossi arrived at the head of the field though it was just a case of controlling the pace to the chequered flag.

Marquez found the limit of adhesion going in to turn 1 and was unceremoniously dumped in to the kitty litter, ending his dwindling chances of the MotoGP title this year. Lorenzo complaining of a misting visor, suffered at the hands of more aggressive riding styles that denied him any possibility of building a rhythm and staying with the leaders. He was kept company by Dani Pedrosa in 5th.

Danilo Petrucci’s first MotoGP podium, was just reward for several seasons of hard work on less competitive machinery. Reportedly laughing on the last lap, those around him were in awe of his ability to brake so late in the conditions. Andrea Dovizioso on the factory Ducati decided that a third place podium finish was better than the likely DNF for both he and Petrucci if they kept battling over second.

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