All very revealing …

January 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It is that time of year again. The time when, according to the popular press things are vowed and revealed. Just today, a team owner vowed to be brave this year while in a different team the drivers - you know, the people that we put in the car -  have been revealed. I’m glad the wait is over. I was having trouble sleeping. 

As epic as these events are, none as yet has surpassed the Jaguar F1 team press call to the revealing of the helmet colour schemes for their drivers. That was just, well … pants ... and thankfully I've not been invited to another once since.

I know it is tough at this time of year for there to be enough solid interesting, stories that actually mean something - heck look at me I’m writing about the rubbish that is been written – but does everything have to be of earth shattering importance, when really it is common sense or just facts? This season I vow to take photos and can reveal that I’ll be using a camera to do this, on the off chance you were wondering.

In other news, it seems that the Tour of Yorkshire bicycle race has messed up the Scarborough Festival of Speed at Oliver’s Mount by picking the same Sunday (May 1st) to use the circuit. Rather disappointing as Auto 66 had done a wonderful job in attracting sponsorship and TV coverage.

Meanwhile in New Zealand the Toyota Racing Series has reached the half way mark with Lando Norris leading the challengers from countries as diverse as Russia, Austria, Canada, Brazil, China and of course the home nation, New Zealand. The next round is this weekend (30th January) at Hampton Downs near Auckland.

All very revealing …


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