Phillip Island International Classic

January 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

For the last couple of months the Kiwis (Them in New Zealand) have been insisting on telling me just how nice the weather is. It was so nice the Cemetery Circuit on Boxing Day that people where watching from indoors (60 degreec C track temperature). So knowing they were off to Phillip Island for the International Island Classic Bike Races, I was preparing myself for an onslaught of blue sky, blue ocean and sunshine photos.

However ...

"Against all tradition conditions at Phillip Island today were definitely an issue for all the riders trying to get in a good qualifying at the start of this year's meeting." A very nice way of saying - it's raining!
The rain began early on, but the first qualifying session turned out to be the driest of the day. Dean Oughtred, who is running TT Kiwis cameras on the Carl Cox GSXR, had a minor mishap with the slippery conditions but both rider and the bike are OK.
It pains me to say it, but hopefully the weather will break and the sun will shine on what is an excellent meeting.


Video is with thanks to TT Kiwis 


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