Rain of Biblical Proportions and Wedding Tackle

June 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Alex Toth-Jones prepares to test the Ginetta with Richarson RaciAlex Toth-Jones prepares to test the Ginetta with Richarson RaciAlex Toth-Jones prepares to test the Ginetta with Richarson Racing at Silverstone. Taken 4th April 2016. Photo: Dave Ayres - Picturesports.co.uk Before I get around to my standard apologising for being tardy over updates and bleating on about being busy, I'd like to share a quote that made me smile.

“It doesn’t matter how many turbos or cylinders you have, it comes down to feel, good setup and big wedding tackle …”, which, according to Ginetta Works Driver Michael Simpson, is what it takes to be good in the wet, which it absolutely was at Silverstone for the British GT race this past weekend. Whereas normally the rain follows me about, this time they cannot blame me as I wasn’t there! As for Croft this coming weekend, I’ll be guilty as charged.

The rain certainly suited some including the Ginetta GT5 driver we are supporting – Alex Toth-Jones.

In Race 1 he qualified 8th and was doing well, whereupon Alex got clipped and onto the gravel he spun. Frustation was the main emotion but no real problems to worry about, until another car decided to use his parked Ginetta as an aid to stopping and almost wrote the car off. Lots of tape and many hours of work from Richardson Racing later and Race 2 started from P37.

Race 2 was going well and Alex was working his way through the field with his customary finesse, but eventually had to retire the car whilst running 17th (20 overtakes completed, for those of you counting). A hole in the floor was allowing steam, made by the surface water boiling on the exhaust, into the car and had turned it into a sauna.

Race 3 and rain of biblical proportions arrived. Although the race was only 4 laps long before it was abandoned, 4 laps was all it took for Alex to move from 38th to 10th - a very smooth 7 overtakes per lap.

Naturally, Alex is keen to suggest he came 8th. So bad was the weather that the majority of the field missed the chequered flag and were half way around lap 5 when the field finally noticed the red flags were out. By this time Alex was up to 8th. “One more lap and that was back of the grid to a podium” was the effervescent suggestion, made while the post-race adrenaline was still pumping through his veins.

Even allowing for the boldness of the statement, there is no denying an awe-inspiring drive in highly challenging conditions. #YorkshireGrit at work!

So, I come to the part where I say that I’ve not been ignoring you, I’ve been out taking photos. Not unlike mythical London Buses, photography assignments have been arriving in groups rather than sequentially and hence the absence of blog posts.

Coming up this week is more Ginetta GT5 racing along with the always entertaining Porsche Carrera Cup, both racing at Croft as part of the BTCC race weekend. I can’t remember the last time I was at Croft; it's an age thing, I'm sure. Regardless of how many years ago it was, I can’t remember the classic places to stand, so I’ll wander up a day early for a snoop about. Any (sensible) suggestion gratefully received.


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