Death Valley on a MotorCycle

August 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The astute among you will have noticed the absence of recent updates; if those nice people who keep asking me to cover events had their way, I wouldn’t even have time to write this. It is one thing to be busy and another for it to become a chore, which I must admit is a word I never thought I would use when it came to motorsport photography.

Passion and desire are two massively important factors for me when taking photos. Without them, the motivation to be creative isn’t there. The bland and mundane become the norm, and “anyone” can do bland. So in a strange turn of events, I’ve decided to have a year off and see if the photographic drive for my favourite sport is rekindled.  

Having made this decision and shared it with a few people, their response was to ask me if I would cover a list of events in the rest of this season, and then cover the 2017 Isle of Man TT Races. Go figure?

So, with a year off, what will I be doing? There are several things cooking. Riding through Death Valley on a motorcycle and a series of articles currently called Confessions of a Born Aging Biker are two possibilities. Another is addressing the ever expanding Off Track photographic assignments that present themselves.

There will be a few changes to the web site over the coming months, not least of which will be the content of the blog posts and the recent images on the home page. All of the current images will, of course, remain online.

I'd best dash - the phone is ringing and I think it's an editor asking me how the first article is going...


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