Commercial Photography Rates

Commercial Photography Digital images are licensed rather than sold. The photographer retains the copyright (ownership) of an image, but grants permission for others to use it.

The rate for an image depends on several factors, such as the geographic area that you will use the image within (UK, Europe, USA, Australasia for example), the medium (print, online, advertising) , the size of the reproduction  and the time period for which you wish to license the image.

A image to be used globally for advertisement, for 3 years will have taken much longer to create than an image for the news media which typically requires a very short usage duration and is recorded "as is" rather than created.

Personal versus Rights Managed Use

Personal - We live in a digital age and we are often asked for an e-mail or 'Facebook' image. These are provided at a low resolution this is ideal for this type of media. The key word here however is 'Personal'. This excludes any form of commercial, advertising, promotion or editorial use. The image is for you to share in what is the modern day equivalent of a scrapbook. Any use of images licensed for personal use that end up being used commercially (in any form) are invoiced at the full commercial rate plus 50%. The definition of personal use can mean different things to different people and even some national news papers have found themselves having to pay for the unauthorised use of an image (copyright infringement). The easy thing to do if you have any doubts is to send an e-mail - it costs nothing to ask.  

Rights-Managed - Rights-managed images are licensed for specific uses or periods of time. A magazine for example may wish to license an image for a one off use supporting a story in their magazine. Other requirements may be the exclusive rights to use an image on the internet for a set period of time. Some uses are well known and follow a standard pattern, however just about anything can be accommodated.

How We Price Our Rights Managed Images

The best way to price a rights managed image is to determine a value that is fair to both the buyer and the photographer. License prices are based primarily on how the photo will be used and also considerers the costs incurred in obtaining the image. The concept that it is just a case of pressing "click" on the camera unfortunately doesn't reflect the costs associated with the photographer being at the required location at the appropriate moment with the right equipment to capture the image and then have the ability and facilities to process the image and distribute it.

The costs in the table below are indicative of the rates we charge for exclusive single use of an image in the print and online media, for a 3 month period. Single Use relates to the image being used in association with one editorial copy (story).

If the image is used on a second time, perhaps on a follow up to the original story or a different story, then the image needs to be licensed a second time.


Single Country. Less Than 100,000 Circulation. Single Use Print and Online
Image Placement Cost GBP (£) Ex VAT
1/4 Page Editorial £38.00
1/2 Page Editorial £52.00
3/4 Page Editorial £71.00
Full Page Editorial £95.00
Double Page Editorial £130.00
Rear Cover Editorial £150.00
Front Cover £250.00


Rates for Commercial Photography (Non-advertising)

Commercial Images - Clock An alternative method to licensing specific images is to have a collection created for you. Essentially you provide us with an assignment brief and we produce a collection of images that match that brief, which are licensed by you in the same way as is done for rights managed images.

You can use one or all of the images in the collection in accordance with your  licensed. This method of working is very popular for events such as conferences and works well for teams and sponsors at sporting events.

The costs will vary with each brief. In some cases it can take several weeks to work through a solution and may involve scouting locations, hiring models and make-up artists or sourcing specialist props, all to create the perfect set of images you require.

In other cases, such as a conference, the brief may be less specific as there is a need to capture the event as it happens.

For event photography we work to half or full day rates. There is  still a dependency on the scale of assignment, the location and production requirements however an indicative rate for a single photographer, including the post image processing to provide your images in the agreed format are


Period Cost GBP (£) Ex VAT
1/2 Day £275 plus expenses at cost
Full Day £425 plus expenses at cost
Travel Day 50% plus the cost of the travel


Post Processing

Professional grade digital camera produce a digital negative (RAW files) that require processing to create the image you need, in the right format, for your target medium.

Wonders can be worked in post processing however the difference between a photographer turning a digital negative into a great image and a digital artist that, for example can change body shapes or make objects disappear (or appear) as required, should be appreciated.

Post Processing is defined as turning a digital negative into a useable image for your selected medium. We can provide digital manipulation (digital artist) as an additional service if you require it.

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